Food Huggers

Are you as tired as I am of throwing out half eaten produce? I swear each week I run out and purchase fresh fruits and vegetables (I always say “Oh this week we will eat better”) and then by Friday I am dumping half of everything in the trash.  Back in 2013, owners Michelle and Adrienne joined together in an effort to help us all reduce what we are wasting at home and allow us to make nutritious meals for our family with the freshest ingredients.

We absolutely love food huggers.  A set of four nesting silicone food savers (small-extra large) retails for $9.99.  The smallest is perfect for a lemon or a lime, the larger ones great for a tomato, onion, a pepper; you name it.  So many times I have cut a lemon for my water-glass and then days later there that goes.  They take up a lot less room in your cabinet (my small kitchen thanks me every day!) and are really easy to clean and reuse.  You can also ingeniously cover jars and cans as well making these great for so many items in your pantry.  Also available are avocado savers, a package of just the small food savers and launching in October 2015 “bowl huggers” which I know I will be scooping up.  These are great gadgets that will save us money!  For more information and to purchase Food Huggers please visit

food huggers

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