Freeli Food Pouches

Listen; we are all super busy people and sometimes meal prep can take longer than we actually have.  Fast food options are chock full of bad stuff that will clog your arteries.

We are loving Freeli; all natural heat and eat meals in a convenient BPA Free pouch.  No cooking; no mess and ready in just 45 seconds.  There are no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.  We tried a few of their options this past weekend to test them out.  The mac and cheese  is made with wheat pasta and both cheddar and American cheeses.  It was very creamy and I was thrilled it contained nothing processed like other options out there.  Their pasta and meat sauce was every hearty and made with antibiotic free beef.  The chicken noodle was my designated try; it was nice thick and chunky chicken soup and I was surprised it was so yummy.  Extra vegetables, antibiotic free chicken and delicious egg noodles.  Chicken teriyaki was super cool; it contained the same chicken, brown rice and veggies.  The sauce was surprisingly perfect.  Last but not least is their burrito bowl which was pretty impressive.  black beans, brown rice and jack cheese.  Very hearty; the perfect level of “filling”.  Each of these pouches are only made with the good stuff.

You can purchase a variety 10 pack for about $55 and a 20 pack for about $90.  You can also schedule deliveries so you never run out (monthly, every two, every three).

Check them out! Very unique product here!