Fruition Chocolate Works

image of four Fruition chocolate varieties

Fruition Chocolate Works is a craft chocolate company that produces artisanal chocolate bars and confections using high-quality cocoa beans sourced from various regions around the world. The company has received numerous awards and recognition for its chocolates, including several Good Food Awards. Bryan Graham, founder, of Fruition Chocolate Works and Confectionery has a very inventive style and his passion for chocolate shines through.

We really enjoyed Fruition Chocolate Works’ exceptional flavor and texture. The chocolate has a smooth and velvety texture. It also has a rich and complex flavor profile that varies depending on the origin of the cocoa beans used. Some of the popular flavors we enjoyed included  Dark Milk Chocolate, Brown Butter Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt, and Hudson Bourbon Dark Milk.

The chocolate is milky, creamy, and fruity and satisfies all our chocolate cravings.   It melted in your mouth like chocolate silk. I really liked all the flavors and it was good quality chocolate.

The wrapping is completely sealed and I like that it’s sealed because it feels more protected from its surroundings.

The company maintains a commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing practices. Fruition Chocolate Works sources its cocoa beans directly from farmers and pays them a premium price to support their livelihoods.

Fruition Chocolate Works is an artisanal chocolate company that produces exceptional chocolates using high-quality ingredients and ethical sourcing practices.

It’s an amazing gift to give a subscription for chocolate to your favorite chocolate lover!  Who wouldn’t want to indulge every month on high-quality chocolate?