Fruity Pebbles Revives Your Childhood Memories (and Maybe Your Kitchen Timer)

pebbles fruity pebbles
pebbles fruity pebbles

Yo, breakfast enthusiasts! Remember Saturday mornings spent glued to the TV, a bowl of sugar dusted pebbles your only companion? Well, move over, cartoons, because Fruity Pebbles is blasting into your present with a flavor explosion that’ll have you saying “Yabba Dabba Doo!” faster than you can say “second helping.”

That’s right, folks. Post Consumer Brands just dropped three new cereals that’ll send your taste buds on a trip down memory lane with a twist (or two, or eight, depending on the cereal). First up, the main event: Fruity PEBBLES Waffles cereal. Imagine this – the crispy, fruity fun of Fruity PEBBLES fused with the satisfying crunch of Waffle Crisp. It’s like your favorite childhood cereals had a delicious, sugar-coated love child. Each bite bursts with fruity flavor and whispers of maple syrup, making every morning a mini waffle house party in your mouth. Get ready to pour yourself a bowl (or three) of these limited-edition gems before they disappear faster than Barney could polish off a bronto-burger link to Fruity PEBBLES Waffles cereal product page [invalid URL removed].

But wait, there’s more! Like a box of fun-sized surprises, Post also unleashed two other limited-edition cereals to tantalize your taste buds. Summer Fruity PEBBLES brings the sunshine to your bowl with festive red and blue flakes alongside the classic fruity flavor. It’s like Fred, Wilma, and the gang decided to throw a pool party right on your breakfast table (minus the pterodactyl pool floats, hopefully).

Craving a taste of summer indulgence without the flour-dusted disaster zone in your kitchen? Look no further than Frosted Chocolate Cake Cereal. This decadent option boasts layers of chocolatey crunch studded with mini chocolate chips, offering a delightful escape to dessert land without the sticky fingers or leftover batter.

Now, if you’re a creature of habit (and who can blame you with these new flavors swirling around?), fear not! Post also supersized your favorite PEBBLES classics. Fruity PEBBLES Marshmallow is now available in a whopping 15-ounce box, and both Fruity PEBBLES and Cocoa PEBBLES can be enjoyed in a giant 23-ounce size. That’s more cereal to fuel your inner child (or, you know, those late-night Netflix binges. No judgment here).

So, what are you waiting for? Head to your local grocery store and snag these limited-edition cereals before they become a figment of your sugary breakfast dreams. Just remember, with all this deliciousness, setting a kitchen timer might be a wise move. You wouldn’t want to miss out on lunch because you got lost in a Fruity PEBBLES time warp, would you?