Fusion Pro 2 Wire Controller for XBOX


I am already thinking of the holidays and was so thrilled to be treated to checking out some great new options in the world of gaming.  My son is a huge fan of the XBOX and will LOVE enjoying these items!

XBOX Fusion Pro 2 Wired Controller:  ok this is a super nice controller.  The weight is perfect; not flimsy at all.  The box comes with the controller, the pro pack with removable paddles, two extra analog sticks, a swappable white faceplate (so awesome!), a great storage case (bonus!) and a 10ft USB cable (plenty of leg room to plug it in and move about the room while gaming).  Loving this pro pack option that allows you to better your game with (4) rear paddles you can program. The pro pack panels on the back give you extra access to doing your best.  You can use all your fingers; thumbs on the left/right thumb sticks while your free fingers can aim/shoot/fire/throw etc.  easily and comfortably from the back of the remote.   This is truly “immersive gaming” meaning you feel the entire experience with every rumble, jump or turn.  This immediately meant we had test this on our favorite auto game and I have to tell you it did NOT disappoint!  If I closed my eyes I could quite honestly be in the race car.  (I then got yelled at for closing my eyes during the game).  The great trigger lock makes it possible to respond quicker which may make or break you in a combat game!  We tried this feature out with one of our favorite games and I have to say definitely faster trigger action.  You can literally be your best player in the popular “be the last man standing” battles.  The grips are rubberized and have this great texture to make holding the remote easier.  Oh and the swappable parts mean we can change the face change out the analog sticks with different convex and concave toppers.  I really kind of like this extra faceplate option; they are each a little different so you get a nice option to pick your preference.   The share button; ummm this is amazing – you can actual share short video clips of the game and even take screenshots!

I really like the quality here; so often our remote breaks and this one is really sturdy.  Cost is $90 and this is designed for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One.  Shop now for the holidays.  Or Back To School.  Or whatever excuse you need to buy the best remote you will ever have.