Gayo Azul Cheeses

I love cheese, so any opportunity I have to try something new I greedily take! Gayo Azul is not a new brand as its famous blue rooster has been around since 1955. What is new is their Cotija cheese.

I was lucky enough to participate in a virtual cooking class with Jen and Jamey and make enchiladas using Gayo Azul Edam and the new Cotija cheese. Jen and Jamey offer great classes that are easy to follow, so check them out! 

The chicken enchiladas topped with Mexican street corn were so amazing I had to fight my family for the leftovers. You need to make enchiladas with Edam and cotija. Gayo Azul is the king of these cheeses. I had to stop myself from eating it so there would be enough for the recipe. Edam is smooth, buttery, and melts beautifully without being greasy. I will not use another cheese in my enchiladas ever again. 

The Gayo Azul Cotija was perfect as a topping as it crumbles right on top and softens instead of melting. I find many cotija cheeses very salty and lacking flavor. The Gayo Azul was very flavorful without being too salty. 

I highly recommend trying the Gayo Azul Edam and Cotija cheeses in your enchiladas!