Get Better With Welly!

Listen…accidents happen.  We all can’t stand when our little ones get a “boo boo” but check out these great first aid items that will quickly put a smile back on their faces!

Welly brings you great fabric bandages and ointments that come in these super convenient tins that are great to pack on any adventure you may go on.

We received a few awesome tins that contain quite the array of their flex fabric bandages.  My kids adore their Peculiar Pets tin that includes 48 standard size bandages in adorable patterns featuring a sloth, narwhal or llama.  So super cute and they seal on all four sides so you do not have to worry about germs and dirt getting into that cut.  Even cooler; the tin is completely recyclable.  My daughter is loving their Rainbow tin that contains 48 bandages in adorable colorful rainbow patterns.  So many great designs and options here!

We also received their pretty darn awesome First Aid Kit ($26.99).  Ok…this is a must for your home.  130 pieces inside this baby.  It is perfect for your home, apartment, RV, dorm room, camper and more!  Heck…I am keeping one in my car I think!  Inside you get an array of 48 flex bandages (different sizes here for whatever you may need).  You also get wound prep pads, a roll of tape, butterfly strips, antibiotic packets, hydrocortisone packets, and Ibuprofen.  IT is very easy to store and closes tightly so you don’t have to worry!

You MUST check out this awesome company – think housewarming gift too!