Getting our Easter baking on with Domino Sugar!

Spring is in the house – well for sure my house.  I am amping up the pastel decor, starting to get my basket supplies in order (or on order…LOL) and prepping for Easter Egg mania!  The kids love to bake and since my kitchen has finally recovered from the flour incident of December we are ready to tackle some spring inspired holiday baking!  Domino Sugar is always a must in this house – I never run out of their white and brown sugar to be honest.  These are quality, staple items that have been in our homes since before I was a baby!

Need a recipe or some new inspiration??  Their website is full of them!  I jumped right onto their Easter options and was whisked away to so many delicious spring options!  We whipped up some brown sugar cut out cookies which truly had my kids working together and laughing for a WHOLE HOUR.  Yup; I timed it.  My daughter showed me this great idea on their site “Easter Cookie Mix in a jar” which is the perfect option to gift to your Easter host!  All you need to do combine dry items (flour, baking soda and salt then layer on top of that sugar, brown sugar and top with chocolate eggs).  They have these great printable cookie mix tags to attach to the canning jar that provides the directions for baking the cookies.  This is truly so so cute!  Make sure you read through their recipes; I promise you will see something you never thought of!  What if I told you the next time I do corn on the cob this summer I will be drizzling brown sugar atop them?  I know….you basically want a cob right now!  LOL

You can purchase Domino’s Light Brown Sugar super easily at your local supermarket but also on Amazon.  Grab up their quality confections and you are on your way to springtime baking just like my house!  Please visit the Domino website for so many more recipes and information about these fine products.

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