Girl E Kits Review


Great stocking stuffer idea right here.  Great concept too. Girl E Kits are these wonderful First Period Kit for girls and Emergency Kits for teens, moms, sisters, aunts, and friends. We are all running around like crazy. It’s so refreshing to find a product that allows us to have this great backup system with us for extra reassurance as we rush about our lives. Great company story too; the owner started the business with her 10-year-old daughter!

The kits cost you $19-25 – amazing prices for convenience and confidence.  I loved the idea of it the minute I saw it. Quite honestly, I cannot wait for my busy teen to get this on Christmas morning in her stocking. A few different kit options.

Tween Kit

We received the Tween Kit ($19) which includes the pretty patterned pouch, 4 teen pads, 2 bandages, 2 hair ties, 2 floss sticks, 2 makeup wipes, 2 flushable wipes, and a mini nail file.

Teen/Dorm Room Kit

Teen/Dorm Room Kit ($25) – kit includes the pouch, 2 maxi pads, a liner, bandages, nail file, makeup wipes, hair ties, flushable bathroom wipes, antibacterial hand wipes, deodorant, stain remover wipe, floss sticks, and breath mints.  This is a perfect gift for your college student, home for the holidays, to take back with them to the dorm!

Mini Millennial Kits/Mom Emergency Kit

Mini Millennial Kits ($27) are a little more sophisticated with a faux leather pouch, tampon, bandages, lip balm, phone/glass cloth, nail file, makeup wipes, hair ties, deodorant, stain remover wipe, floss sticks, and breath mints.  Great for your purse, glove box, gym bag, and more.  Their Mom Emergency Kit is very similar.

New Mom Hospital Kit

Their New Mom Hospital Kit ($38) is a great baby shower gift as well as a holiday gift for a new or expectant mom.  Large, 3-compartment bag with all the goodies you need like overnight pads, hair ties, flushable wipes, antibacterial wipes, lip balm, nursing pads, witch hazel wipe, face/makeup wipes,  breath mints, deodorant, nipple cream, and baby wipes.  Like the works!

Check out Girl E Kits!