Gogh Jewelry Design Is Fancying Up My Mind and Body!

Morning lovelies – what if I told you that I could show you a way to grab up some awesome jewelry all while helping you with your journey to being calm and zen.

Please check out Gogh Jewelry Design; Szilvia Gogh is the owner of this LA based jewelry line.  She is this awesome woman who is a yogi, designer, stunt woman and professional scuba diver!!! That is one cool resume!  The line contains simply gorgeous necklaces, bracelets and earrings all that feature awesome gemstones and messages.  Say you want to emulate your intention for compassion? For change? Balance? Anxiety? Avoidance of bad dreams? There is a line or an item for all of them.   I was given the awesome job of wearing my new Breath Tourmaline Necklace for Understanding and I have to tell you – not only is the perfect compliment to all my outfits (and perfect for work and pleasure) but it also provides my anxiety with a sort of calming effect. Necklaces come in multiple length options so perfect or everyone.  Pricing ranges and are comparable to “the jewelry norm”.  I know if you peruse the website you will find an inspiration or collection that grabs your mind and soul.

Gogh truly knows her stuff; she knows how to achieve her own balance and handle her own challenge and now she gives that power/gift to all of us!  You go girl!


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