Golston Jewelry

Valentine’s Day is almost here and I have a great company to share about for your jewelry purchasing needs.  Golston Jewelry is both style and charm.  Each one of their collections have their own unique charm and the quality is simply amazing.  The pieces are comfortable and are ethically sourced.  They will become sort of a “second skin” as you wear them; they fit both casual and fancy nights out on the town.

Jewelry offerings include necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings.  Here is the collection we received; I was going to give it to my mother as a gift but found myself falling in love with them and now I have to keep them for myself.

Double-Side Malachite Necklace ($90): This piece is stunning and light.  Perfect to dress up a tunic for work or a gorgeous black cocktail dress for your next gathering.  This is 14 carat gold vermeil and authentic Malachite gemstone.  The chain is 20 inches and adjustable to your particular need/style.

Malachite Stud Earring ($65): the perfect compliment to the necklace I mentioned above.  They are simple yet glamorous earrings with the malachite inlay.  Same 14 carat gold vermeil.  I find them very comfortable on my ear; I pretty much don’t know they are there.  And I am a very sensitive person; no reaction or irritation whatsoever.

I find that this set brings out the color of my eyes and sort of brightens my whole look.

So many other great collections/options etc.  Please check them out!