GoSili – Sustainable Solutions

We need to take care of our planet. As a people, we become more and more aware of our influence on the ecosystem, and we are starting to realize that all those plastics are not a good idea. The thing is, we do love straws and the idea of straws, just not that they are plastic. So here comes GoSili! GoSili partners with experts to create sustainable solutions in the form of smart, sustainable, silicone designs that are accessibly priced, non-toxic, and built to last!

Founders Giuliana Schwab and Stacey Feeley believed there was a better alternative to plastics, so they began creating stylish, incredibly durable, 100% nontoxic silicone products with the philosophy that it was time to make the “basics” better.

We should really stop buying single-use items that end up in a landfill all too quickly. GoSili offers you amazing solutions that you can afford!


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SiliKids has some great products for kids. From sippy cups, placemats, bowls, no-spill cups, and first spoons, to cup covers. We highly recommend the First Bites Toddler Feeding Kit for $37.99. This unbreakable feeding set is a great gift for parents of young children and will take out the stress of sharing a meal with toddlers.

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GoSili Straws

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The reusable silicone drinking straws from GoSili are well-known! You can get them in different colors and sizes. In little to-go metal mint boxes or big bendy ones for those young at heart! 12 standard-sized straws in six different colors for $12.99.

Ocean Collection

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The GoSili Ocean Collection is sustainable silicone drinkware that gives back to ocean conservation. GoSili has partnered up with Lonely Whale to support ocean clean-up and conservation: 1% of every purchase of the Ocean Drinking Cups and Ocean Straws is donated to ocean clean-up and conservation. You get six straws for $9 and it’s just $12.99 for the cups. GoSili makes these products with 100% Platinum Silicone and features a unique water design. No two are the same! They are dishwasher-safe and stackable.

GoSili is an amazing brand that has you covered if you are searching for a way to be a bit more eco-conscious. And if you ever need to let one of your GoSili products go, you can recycle it!

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