Grace Farms -Not just a farm…a vision for grace and peace

Grace Farms located in New Canaan, Connecticut is a 100% not-for-profit owned and its mission is to make the world a more peaceful place.  It is welcoming place with open architecture, that brings people together through five initiatives –

  1. nature
  2. art
  3. justice
  4. community and
  5. faith

Sharon Prince, Founder and CEO, of Grace Farms Foundation and Co-Founder of Grace Farm Foods says “we steadily work together in the pursuit of eradicating contemporary slavery and gender-based violence”.   They work towards a better purpose to solve some of the world’s problems.   What a great mission and more reason to partner with a company that is proactive in making a world a better place.

Grace Farms Foods are truly delicious!   I had chance to sample the salted chocolate chip cookies.   The cookies took over five years to perfect and  the company brought together the finest, ethically sourced ingredients like bourbon vanilla, cane sugar and chocolate chip which chef Silvia Baldini created the first fair trade certified chocolate chip cookie in the US. Fair Trade Certified goods is a choice to support responsible companies that protect the environment.

They also have a collection of organic herbal teas.  I tried the rooibos chai and chamomile citrus which were naturally sweetened and flavorful.   They also sell a few whole bean coffees sourced from women-led co-ops.  The river roast is their signature brand and the high quality arabica beans are sourced from Ethiopia, Colombia, and Indonesia.   It has notes of bright chocolate, citrus and tropical fruits and the aromatic smell as you brew your first cup of coffee is delectable. I look forward to visiting the farm in person one day as it is free and open to the public.