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I am already gearing up for my summer at the beach and I always welcome new products to help me make life simpler.  These are quality, organic products made by a super impressive mother/daughter team.  The products are made from hand selected organic herbs and I absolutely love these new household remedies! As far as first aid goes, my kids are always keeping me on my toes!  These are some awesome new finds I am about to share with you!  “Green Goo First Aid” will actually replace up to 20 items in your medicine cabinet!  This is a balm-like product that has an all natural smell that you will love.  This is actually really helping my super dry and cracked hands and is great for cuts, blisters, sunburns, skin chafe, poison ivy, insect bites and more.  How could you not love this product?!?  “Solar Goo” is about to be my new best friend in sunblock.  This comes in both tin (balm) and stick form and is totally free of harsh chemicals.  It is a combo of coconut oil, shea butter and “non-nano” zinc oxide that stays put for 40 minutes in water!  “Solar Goo” is SPF 30 making it a great choice for the entire family.  Feel free to apply all day with no harsh aftermath!  We also received their wonderful “Bug Be Gone” spray that I cannot wait to use all summer!  This is deet, citronella and chemical free; music to my mommy ears!  It repels against mosquitos, gnats, flies and ticks; it is the perfect size for my pocketbook and I simply will not leave home without it.  Finally, in my home, we are actually fighting over the “Sierra Sage Lip Balms” which come in cool mint, citrus zest and sweet honey.  These are heaven to my dry, cracked lips: so super smooth and I actually think it stays on longer.  Please check out for all the info; there are so many other products as well for pain relief, skin care, mother and baby, intimacy/massage; you really have to give these a try!  Thanks Sierra Sage for changing my home for the better!

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