Greenwich Village Food Tour by Manhattan Walking Tours

We enjoyed the Greenwich Village Food Tour provided by Manhattan Walking Tours. There are many walking tours covering different parts of Manhattan. What makes this one unique is its great hands-on approach.


We have lived in New York most of our lives and have been in the Village countless times. That said, this walking food tour was much more than just seeing different places to try food in Greenwich Village.


I assumed it would be just an excuse to walk through the village and try various new places. Instead, I have to say, the guide‘s passion and love for the village did reinvigorate me to love and see things I never noticed before. I could say I’ve been to Greenwich Village a few dozen times, but there were quite a few times on this tour I truly was finding myself saying, “I had no idea about that!”

The food stops were an eclectic mix across Greenwich Village. The best pizza, the best cannoli, the best bagels, and even a fusion Indian/Mexican place. Yes, the food was incredible, but with this tour, in particular, the stand-out was the combination of history with culinary. You would eat, you then learn, then you eat, then you learn.


A tour’s success depends entirely on the guide- especially walking tours. Claire was very passionate and loved her job so much it did give me a different perspective on an area I already knew. That alone tells me quite a bit. If someone could reinvigorate a passion for a place, I’ve seen so many times and show me something new is highly recommend it!