I Hate The Robot in Supermarkets

I’m not sure if I’m in only one who feels this way, but I absolutely hate the robots in the supermarket. I’d like it clear that I am very pro-robot. I have a Roomba, and I love it. I love any inanimate device that will do the annoying jobs for me.

Supermarket Robot
Evil Supermarket Robot
This robot wants to kill me.

What I hate about the supermarket robots in particular is that they always seem to sneak up on me as if they’re in a mission to scare me. I will round the corner and surprise there he is, ready to get me. Silently stalking as if to murder me.

If I’m having a particularly bad day he will even beep out loudly the second I barely notice him out of the corner of my eyes. “Spill. Danger.” I’m already on edge from COVID and then this!

I really don’t mind the helpfulness, but I think it’s the silent nature of the robot that sets my nerves completely. We are in the age of COVID where supermarkets can already be pretty freaking scary. There are lines to follow of which nobody actually seems to want to follow. They are missing the most random objects which makes me wonder if the crisis is even worse at that particular moment. Today for example, there seems to be a run on potatoes. I have no idea why potatoes of all things should be going away but I felt as if I was in the Irish famine. The robot seem to know exactly what I was feeling and decided to strike at the exact second I noticed my lack of potatoes.

To be abundantly clear, I hate these freaking robots. At least designed them to make noises like ponies or kittens as they walk so I will hear the footsteps as opposed to the silent killer that they are.