I Wear My Mask So Others Wear Their Mask

There are many arguments that people list trying to convince people to wear a mask. But I’ve discovered that there might be a rather simple method to get somebody to wear a mask. So far it’s being reported as the best means of confronting the coronavirus.

I’ve gone walking in the same park daily for the past two weeks. Usually I keep my mask in my hand, and smack it on when somebody walking towards me is about 100 yards away. I’m very big on wearing a mask.

This past week, I did something radically different, I actually wore the mask the entire team. I walked the whole time and did not take it on and off depending on seeing people. I used to do a quick pull up when people reached my line of site but this week I just wore it regardless of who is around.

I noticed an amazing and simple correlation. For the two weeks prior I counted and about 20% of people will wear their masks when they see you put it on. 

However for the past week, the number of people who put it on seeing me wear it consistently without the magical pull up is about 80%.

How many people were in the study? Between 20 and 30 people in a walk.

What was the big changing variable? Simply wearing the mask consistently without the “oooops somebody is coming, I better wear a mask technique”

So if your goal is to get people to wear a mask, the simplest answer seems to be to wear a mask yourself. The subliminal influence seems to be about five times as effective.