iLive White Noise Machine with Night Light

image of iLive White Noise Machine with Night Light

It can be a huge adjustment when living in a city surrounded by noise to moving to the suburbs where you can literally “hear the silence.” Now I had to retrain myself to sleep in silence which wasn’t always easy. What is easy is falling asleep with the television, but then I have to transition to bed. The transition always wakes me up. You see how I needed a routine to correct my sleep habits.  I decided that some white noise would help me sleep better.


The iLive White Noise Machine with Night Light helps me fall asleep faster and I feel more at ease. It’s a great bedtime routine. The dimmable nightlight creates the perfect ambiance for relaxation.   You can choose from 10 different colors. I really like the blue light. The other choices of colors include white, pink, and brown.  In addition,  the noise machine has 25 sounds to listen to.  The selection includes water sounds, sounds of life, enlightenment sounds, and fan noise.

You can pretend you are relaxing by the water and listen to the gentle sea wave, or act like you’re at a concert and listen to the piano. Maybe you want to zen out with some meditation. Explore all the sounds and pick your favorites.

The Sound and Sleep White Noise Machine with Night Light is a great value for $34.99.

I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their sleep patterns or that needs help relaxing or unwinding.