I’m One Tough B with and without this fantastic bracelet…

I am one tough cookie; as a wife, mommy and in my professional life.  I am raising a daughter to be the same.  I say this all the time; mommy is one tough lady.  Check out this great company,  One Tough Bitch (OTB) which couldn’t align more with my lifestyle choices!  Their mantra: we are strong, solid, powerful, can rise above and cannot break.  Aside from purchasing some of their great products (including clothing, jewelry and accessories) you can also nominate someone to be in the OTB Sisterhood: an amazing honor for someone in your life that deserves to be recognized for their strength and courage.

Anyhow, back to shopping.  I am loving my dual sided bracelet ($20).  It features the triangle (OTB Logo – this is saying how the triangle is a powerful shape and will always hold its shape.  The circle around the triangle symbolizes our head/mind) charm facing up and the words “one tough B” on the other side.  The adjustable cord comes in a few colors and you can wear this alone or with some of your other favorite bracelets!  The card that comes with the bracelet features this “logo mantra” above and an inspirational quote as well.  Mine came with the quote “when it’s storming grab that umbrella with two hands”.  This couldn’t be more relevant to my life if it tried.  Ladies – we all need one of these!  Also available are necklaces, friendship jewelry sets, journals, patches, inspirational quoted shirt and jackets and totes/cups that benefit breast cancer awareness!  Check this awesome company out!

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