Industry Kitchen: Review

If you’re looking for a unique dining experience, Industry Kitchen at 70 South Street in New York is the place to be. Tucked away under an overpass, this innocuous restaurant offers adorable greenhouses that provide a cozy and intimate dining space.

image of Industry Kitchen from inside with closeup of a green vegetable tower in a bowl

The view along the river is breathtaking and adds to the calming ambiance of the place. It’s especially worth noting that this restaurant is reasonably priced, making it an excellent option for a great view without breaking the bank.

Industry Kitchen’s greenhouses are sealed, which makes it a perfect kid-friendly space. With the iPad, kids can easily enjoy themselves without disturbing other guests. It is also a great spot for a romantic date, providing a romantic ambiance with an incredible view.

Industry Kitchen boasts fantastic food quality, with their winter squash pizza being a real standout. The pomegranate topping adds a unique and delicious flavor to the dish. The homemade chips that came with the ahi tuna nachos tasted fresh, but it was the winter squash pizza that was the real winner.

The restaurant also caters to the needs of special needs kids by providing a separate area for them. The little call button at each table is a great feature, making it easier to call the waiters whenever you need them. The attentive service is also noteworthy, and the staff always responds quickly to the button’s call.

Industry Kitchen’s outdoor dining option is excellent, even in the winter. The restaurant provides igloos that offer a unique dining experience. The igloos are not only cozy but also Instagram-worthy. You can sit back and relax while taking in the incredible view of the river.

The menu offers more than just pizza, and their kale and Brussels sprouts are worth a try. If you’re a fan of mussels, you won’t be disappointed either. But it’s the pizza that is the standout dish that will keep you coming back for more. The winter squash pizza with pomegranate is a unique and delicious combination that is sure to tantalize your taste buds.

The area around Industry Kitchen is always bustling with people, adding to the vibrant and lively atmosphere of the place. It’s an ideal location to sit back, relax, and enjoy the incredible food while taking in the picturesque views.

In conclusion, Industry Kitchen is an excellent option for anyone looking for a unique dining experience with a fantastic view. With its adorable greenhouses, kid-friendly space, excellent service, and phenomenal pizza, this restaurant is not to be missed. It’s also a great option for a romantic date as well as a family affair.