Intellipure Makes Hand Test Air Cleaners



REviewing an air cleaner isn’t easy. Generally speaking one has to describe what distinguishes it from other air purifiers. Generally speaking, the concept is always the same. It’s a fan that blows the air in your house it’s super speed across a filter.

What really made this one stand out though is the fact that it’s hand assembled.

Look at this photo and you will see It was hand assembled by Dennis Wang. Whoever, this Dennis Wang is, the good ma spent the time and energy to individually test the unit to make sure it is performing exactly as intended. I just feel like that alone is quite a differential to know that somebody spent the time and energy to do the detailed testing. Imagine Mr. Wang, double-checking everything to make sure it’s just right.

Besides that, this is an extremely quiet unit. Yes, it has a turbo mode which ramps it up but even then, the turbo mode was relatively speaking quiet. We turned on the turbo mode after the kid burnt something in the kitchen, making a horrific smell. I could say that after a few hours we forgot about the smell which was rather impressive. But, for general usage I would certainly just leave it on quiet mode and set it and forget it until you need to change the filter.

Speaking of changing the filter, you’re seeing it in the photo opened wide, just because I kind of liked the straightforward assembly to it. I found the basic assembly here to be pretty easy and straightforward. As a mom, I don’t have the time to bring out a screwdriver and instruction manual just to change a filter. I like the fact that this was rather easy of a setup.

Overall, I absolutely loved that it was hand assembled and it’s now cleaner you can set and forget and not worry about crazy maintenance.

Check out Intellipure directly for more information.