Interview with Brooke Burke

brooke burke
brooke burke

In the realm of wellness and fitness, few names shine as brightly as that of Brooke Burke. As the CEO of the Brooke Burke Body app and a renowned fitness encourager, she has dedicated herself to exploring innovative ways to optimize health and vitality. We had the privilege of sitting down with Brooke to delve into her wellness routine, where she shared insights on her favorite supplement, Tru Niagen, the science of NAD+, and the art of biohacking. Brooke’s passion for intentional wellness and the pursuit of a vibrant life is both inspiring and instructive. Join us as we uncover the secrets to her vitality and discover how her 21-Day Fitness Challenge can help you achieve your summer health and wellness goals.

Maria: Brooke, you mentioned using Tru Niagen as a supplement for your cells. Could you explain its benefits and why you consider it a must-have for the summer?

Brooke Burke: Tru Niagen is a wellness must-have for me, Maria. If you’re going to take one supplement, it should be Tru Niagen. NAD+ is incredibly important because it’s vital for the function and generation of trillions of cells within your body and plays a critical role in repair, recovery, and metabolism – all on a cellular level. I have long been a ‘Tru Believer’ for several reasons: it is created by ChromaDex, the trusted global authority on NAD+ research and healthy aging using the highest scientific rigor and quality standards, and because Tru Niagen features Niagen, a special form of Vitamin B3 which is the most superior, efficient, and clinically-backed NAD+ precursor available.

Maria: Could you explain the benefits of NAD+ for reducing the physical effects of aging and how it has influenced your wellness routine?

Brooke Burke: NAD+ levels naturally decline in our bodies about 65% between the ages of 30 and 70 and decline more rapidly with age and everyday metabolic stressors such as immune stress, drinking, overeating, and sun exposure. I’ve benefited from increasing my NAD+ production as a way to support cellular energy production, support healthy aging and promote cellular repair. The best and easiest way to boost NAD+ levels is by taking Tru Niagen as it features the precursor nicotinamide riboside (NR) which is able to enter the cell membrane directly and boost NAD+ levels from the inside by up to 51% in as little as two weeks. And as a regular part of my routine, I use Tru Niagen all year as it’s integral to my wellness and fitness routine. With the holiday season around the corner, it becomes extra important to boost NAD+ as the season often entails extra travel and immune stress, decadent eating and the occasional champagne cheers!

Maria: Biohacking has gained popularity among celebrities, including yourself. How do you incorporate biohacking techniques into your daily life, and what benefits have you experienced from these practices?

Brooke Burke: I am fascinated by biohacking as it can have many benefits, including enhancing overall wellness and boosting healthspan. Personally, I practice biohacking to get my body functioning the best that it can. NAD+ has become a very hot topic among biohackers because research is showing that it is extremely vital to cellular health, and that NAD+ decline is associated with age-related conditions. ChromaDex, the creators of Tru Niagen, have been at the forefront of NAD+ research which is one of the reasons why I trust the product so much. NAD+ plays an important role in everything from brain health to heart health to muscle health as NAD+ is needed in every cell to both function during activity and to repair cells after activity. Because NAD+ levels decline as we age and from common stressors such as excess sun, immune stress, excess eating, alcohol consumption and even too much exercise, it’s important to maintain elevated NAD+ levels to aid in cellular repair and recovery – even more so each year as we age! I always say that aging is not a result of time itself but from the stress we place on our bodies over time. My favorite biohack is to use Tru Niagen daily as it increases NAD+ to support cellular metabolism and DNA repair. My list of biohacking practices as long. But it starts with what I put into my body. I also try to manipulate quality of sleep by deepening, my understanding of rest & recovery, I use red light therapy, infrared sauna, Bemer, and ice baths for inflammation.

Maria: Can you tell us more about your 21-Day Fitness Challenge and how it can help people achieve their summer health and wellness goals?

Brooke Burke: We created the 21-Day Challenge this past summer as a way to elevate your well-being through commitment, connection, and community. The program is evergreen & can be implemented anytime of the year. Research shows that it takes three weeks to create a new lifestyle and change your body. The 21-Day Fitness Challenge tones and sculpts bodies, reshapes mindsets and encourages connection with other people seeking to improve their health and wellness. As part of the challenge we created a new, FREE guide to health and wellness which you can download here. It includes such things as a summer gift guide, must-haves for your beach bag, skin fitness routines, and incredible recipes.

Maria: What made you include ketone shots in your summer must-haves? How do they contribute to your energy levels and brain clarity?

Brooke Burke: I like post-workout, production and brain few all I’m also seeking as much energy as I can generate. Ketone shots are another way of biohacking. They provide your body with an amazing burst of clean energy as well as brain clarity.

Maria: Journaling is one of your summer must-haves. How has it helped you personally, and what benefits do you think it offers to others who incorporate it into their routine?

Brooke Burke: Journaling becomes your life story. I’m intentional about daily writing. It provides a moment to take stock of your life. To look inward. To stay accountable and connected with self. If you can’t find time to journal daily, find the time to, at the very least, write a “Dear Self” letter. It helps you reflect on your past and conquer your future. You can read more about it and how to get started by visiting my blog here.

Maria: You mentioned the importance of yoga while traveling to maintain your wellness goals. Could you share some specific yoga exercises or routines you enjoy doing on the go?

Brooke Burke: I almost always have a yoga mat on me. Whether I’m traveling or just in my car. You never know when and where you’ll be able to get in a workout and having a yoga mat at your fingertips helps ensure you have no excuses. Whether it’s simple yoga poses for stretching and toning or following a class online or via a digital fitness app like Brooke Burke Body, yoga provides a great way to slow down, stretch & recover and focus our minds and hearts inward. If you know you’ll be traveling to somewhere remote, make sure to download workouts to your phone or tablet in advance in case you don’t have access to WiFi.