Interview with Gabby B – Exclusive

Gabby B Famadillo

In our interview with Gabby B, a talented multilingual artist, she shares her language-learning journey and the inspiration behind her music. Gabby opens up about her personal experience with bullying and how it shaped her path. She also discusses her favorite languages to sing and write in, highlighting the emotional connection she feels with each language. We delve into the topic of bullying and Gabby’s perspective on whether it can ever be eradicated or if the focus should be on supporting and empowering the victims. Additionally, Gabby reveals her secrets to building a substantial following on social media, emphasizing the role of TikTok in expanding her reach and connecting with her audience. Her dedication to consistency and engagement has been instrumental in cultivating a strong online presence.

MS) You’re multi-lingual? How did you learn your languages? DuoLingo?

GB) No – Actually, I was born in Brazil, and all of my family are Brazilian, so Portuguese was taught to me since I was a baby. Then when I moved to France as a child, I learned French in school and by living in the Country. France is where I actually started school, and where I was able to learn the French alphabet. At home, we would speak both French and Portuguese. Before I eventually came to America, I learned English by watching Disney. I was obsessed with trying to learn English, and I would go on Youtube daily to watch Hannah Montana and other Disney shows. Lastly, I learned to sing in Spanish through my ability to speak Portuguese and the influence of Latin culture.

MS) You look incredible! I’d rarely think the beautiful girl is getting bullied, but you’re shining a light on that. When did it all change?

GB) Growing up, it was extremely difficult for me to fit in. I attended many different schools, and at each one I was bullied in some type of way, whether it was physical bullying, mental bullying, or even racism. Bullying is what actually made me finally move to Florida, after it was just too much to handle in Boston. It really wasn’t until I finished school, that things began to change for me. That was when I began my music career and started to fully embrace myself for who I am. Since then, many of the same people who bullied me, or started rumors about me in school, now follow me on social media and try to reach out to me.

MS) Which is your favorite language to sing in?

GB) I don’t necessarily have a favorite language to sing in. For me, it’s all about the beat, the rhythm, and the feeling of the song.

MS) Which is your favorite to write in?

GB) I like writing in Portuguese and French the best. I feel most confident when writing in those two, since they’re two of my initial languages.

MS) Can bullying ever be stopped or is it a matter of helping the victims learn to deal?

GB) I’m not sure if bullying is something that will 100% ever go away, but I believe it’s gotten better over the years. I do think everyone should be more educated about bullying and the impacts it leaves on a child or an adult. I think parents can help by talking to their kids and being supportive. Don’t be afraid to be honest with your kids so they will be more comfortable and know they can talk to you about problems they might be facing. Also, teach your kids to stand up for themselves (If the situation makes sense) even if they think they’re going to get in trouble at school. They need to know that you’re on their side. In martial arts, I was always taught never to fight outside of class unless I was being attacked and in danger. It’s always good for your kids to learn the importance of defending themselves but in a smart way. Let them make mistakes and mess up once in a while so they can grow smarter and more independent. Let them know you love them and believe in them. The more they know this, the more they’ll grow up feeling stronger and know that they have somebody on their side. The worst part about being bullied as a younger kid is no one believes you.

MS) You have quite the following on each of your platforms. How did you build it so far? What’s the secret there?

GB) I always had somewhat of a presence on social media since I began using it for fun at a young age. Once I began my music career, I started to take my socials a lot more seriously. Besides the normal posting and promotions, TikTok was really a huge boost in helping so many more people see my work. I initially got the app and started doing the trends that everyone else did, like silly videos and dances. The dancing ones got the most views, so I kept doing those, but more of my style. I would take a viral song and trend but change it up the way that I liked to dance. I eventually posted one when I was in Chicago with a very trendy song, and I woke up with 6 million views. That one video now has over 41 million and has been so amazing for all of my socials. People found me more on Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms, and really got behind my content. Since then, I have been really consistent with posting and engaging with my audience. I like to live stream and talk to all of my supporters online.