Interview with John O’Hurley

john hurley
john o’hurley


In a candid interview that unfolded like a stroll through the park, John O’Hurley, the affable host of the National Dog Show Presented by Purina, shared tales that tug at the heartstrings, insights that tickle the funny bone, and a dash of profundity that might just make you rethink your own life’s journey. So, grab your favorite pup and settle in for a delightful chat with the man whose charisma is only rivaled by his bowtie.

“Remember the year the Irish Setter won?” John begins. “That was the one that got me. I’d always hoped for it, the perfect embodiment of poise, that coat shimmering with elegance. I turned to Dave, my co-host, and I said, ‘I can retire now.'”

But it wasn’t just a fleeting moment in the spotlight. John recalls, “I went right over to the Irish Setter. Yes, and I still hear from the owner today.” A connection beyond the show ring, perhaps.

Now, you might know John O’Hurley as the dapper Jay Peterman from “Seinfeld.” But there’s a lesser-known tale, a subplot in the actor’s life. “Most people don’t realize I bought the Jay Peterman company after ‘Seinfeld,’ resurrected it from bankruptcy, and even served on the board for two decades.”

Today, John’s Jay Peterman persona lives on through, where fans reach out to hear his monologues, tapping into his wisdom on life. It’s not just the run-of-the-mill fanfare; John’s listeners often grapple with life’s darkest corners—stage four cancer patients, those navigating the labyrinth of depression, or kids wrestling with behavioral woes. The man’s character transcends the screen.

And then there’s that surreal dance through the glittery maze of “Dancing With The Stars.” John shared a moment from the show’s first season that has more twists and turns than a cha-cha. “I’m the only one who’s ever had the experience of losing and then winning.” He recalls the drama of a vote askew, leading to a dance-off that would make your heart quickstep. “It was an enormously difficult mental stress, just trying to stay focused and learn grand routines,” he confesses. His victory is remembered not just for the trophy but for the plea, “Can I keep my 1-800 number?” It’s vintage O’Hurley.

When it comes to writing, John’s penned books that warm the heart. “Before Your Dog Can Eat Your Homework, First You Have to Do It” tells a tale of an older dog imparting life lessons to a newborn. Imagine life’s wisdom through the eyes of a dog; it’s an enchanting perspective.

But it’s “The Perfect Dog” that resonates the most. This delightful children’s book began as a bedtime story. “My son asked me if the Best In Show dog was perfect, and I responded with a poem.” That late-night moment has since blossomed into a successful children’s book and even a worldwide children’s musical.

Step into the world of “A Man with Standards,” John’s one-man show. It’s not just singing and storytelling; it’s a heartfelt connection with the audience. “I feel a deep connection every time I do it,” John says. He takes you on a journey, singing “Moon River” in tribute to his mother. It’s a moment that transcends the stage, pulling you into his world.

Beyond his acting prowess and creative flair, John’s commitment to animal welfare is heartwarming. He’s actively involved with the Puppy Food Bank, a lifeline for shelters during the pandemic. “It’s been a great program,” John says with his trademark warmth.

And when we peer into the recesses of John O’Hurley’s mind, we find imagination as the North Star guiding his eclectic career. “I listen to my imagination,” he states. “It’s the sole determining factor of what I do in my career. I take more chances when I listen to my imagination.”

As we wrap up, John offers a gem we didn’t see coming. “Very few people know that I am the founder and creator of a waste-to-energy technology called Gold Seal Industries.” The innovation transforms waste into energy with zero emissions and operates off the grid.

So, in the world of John O’Hurley, there’s more than meets the eye—a man who can effortlessly switch from the bowtie-wearing host of the National Dog Show Presented by Purina, to the legendary Jay Peterman, an advocate for animals, a writer of heartwarming tales, a mesmerizing performer, and an inventor of green tech. It’s a life that leaves you barking for more.