Interview with the Founder of Freaky Sauces

freaky sauces

At, we had the pleasure of interviewing the visionary behind Freaky Sauces, a Swedish food brand that celebrates cultural fusion through its delectable hot sauces. We sat down with the founder, who shared the inspiring journey that led to the creation of these exciting and unique sauces.

“I studied Business for 5-6 years and pursued the typical office job in the Consulting industry. However, I soon realized that it wasn’t the path I wanted for the next 40 years of my life. So, I decided to follow my true passion, which is food. Even though I had no formal background in the food industry, I spent a good 1.5 years learning about it while building my products and brand,” explained the founder.

The fusion of cultural backgrounds is at the heart of Freaky Sauces, and the choice of their first product, the Lingon & Blueberry hot sauce, is a testament to this. “I wanted my first products to mirror my own cultural backgrounds. I was born in Sweden to Iranian/Persian parents. A part of me is Swedish, and another part is Persian. This is something that I wanted to celebrate and embrace in my products. There’s nothing more Swedish than Lingonberries, so it was a no-brainer for me! And obviously, it’s delicious and gives the hot sauce a touch of fruity acidity which I enjoy,” the founder explained.

The reaction to Freaky Sauces has been heartening, especially considering their location in Sweden, where spicy foods are not as commonly embraced. “We don’t have a culture of eating spicy food here in Sweden. So people are a bit afraid of hot sauces and other spicy condiments. The idea with the sauces is that they should be spicy, but not crazy hot. You should still be able to taste your own food and not only think about the heat. So it took a while to get the first customers since I’m doing tasting sessions in the supermarkets all the time. And the reactions there are really good! And now I can see some recurring sales from those supermarkets, which is super-fun! :)” the founder shared enthusiastically.

With the success of their initial offering, Freaky Sauces has exciting plans for the future. “New products are always fun and exciting. But the brand is still very new, so I think it’s really important to build the brand initially with fewer products. Then, when the brand gets more recognized, it’s time to extend the portfolio of products. But with that said, I have plans to make a Green hot sauce to create a cool ‘Traffic Light’ display on the shelves. A herby/limey story. Also, I want to launch the sauces in smaller bottles so that they are more accessible for first-time customers who prefer to spend less on a product they’ve never tried,” revealed the founder.

Freaky Sauces is truly an ode to cultural diversity and culinary innovation. Their hot sauces offer a delightful and flavorful experience that is both unique and unforgettable. If you’re on the hunt for sauces that are a perfect blend of tradition and innovation, Freaky Sauces is the brand to watch. Visit their website at to explore their delicious offerings and savor the fusion of flavors they bring to the table.