Introducing Thorntail Hard Agave: The Quintessential Drink of Summer


Buckle up, beverage enthusiasts! Thorntail Hard Agave, the first of its kind in the Northwest, is making waves as it hits the shelves of QFC and Fred Meyer locations starting January 2024. With its sights set on becoming the ultimate summer sipper, Thorntail brings together the finest fermented Blue Weber agave, real fruit, and all-natural sweeteners to create a tantalizing taste experience.

Available in three mouthwatering flavors – sea salt lime, peach strawberry, and passionfruit guava – Thorntail Hard Agave comes in 6-packs of a single flavor or a 12-can variety pack. Sporting a modest 5% ABV and only 110 to 120 calories per can, affectionately dubbed “Thornies,” these beverages are not just sippable but also shareable, making them a staple for any social occasion.

“We wanted to craft a delicious alternative to the typical canned seltzers and overly carbonated vodka drinks saturating the market,” shared CEO and founder Joel Vanden Brink. “By harnessing the clean health benefits of fermenting agave, we’ve created a refreshing product that’s perfect for any moment – whether it’s a backyard barbecue, a hike through the Northwest’s lush trails, or a day out on the water with friends.”

Tequila aficionados, take note! While tequila is a close relative to hard agave, Thorntail offers a unique twist. Made from fermented agave that undergoes a fermentation process, Thorntail stops short of distillation, resulting in a flavorful and slightly carbonated beverage. This clean, happy buzz is sustainable all day long, ensuring you can enjoy your adventures without worry.

Ready to get your hands on Thorntail Hard Agave? Mark your calendars for January 3, 2024, when it hits Fred Meyer and QFC locations in Washington and Oregon. Keep an eye out for additional retailers throughout the year. For more information or to locate a retailer near you, visit Don’t forget to follow the brand on social media @drinkThorntail for the latest updates and exciting news!