Isa Lazo – Beautiful Skincare Routine

image of several Isa Lazo products and product boxes

Isa Lazo, a mother/ daughter company, brings luxurious skincare to the next level.

I tried their products, including facial oil, toner, body oil, and scrub. I loved all their products. They come individually boxed and packaged in glass bottles. From the first look at their packaging, they appear to be a luxurious product line. I was excited to try it.

I used the scrub for my feet, back and elbows. The smooth after feel was wonderful. The scrub really worked on those really rough spots. It also contains rose oil which helps reduce redness.

Afterward, I applied the body oil to keep my body hydrated and smooth. The body oil comes with a dropper so you can apply a minimum amount at one time. It works well for me because I tend to put on too much.

After a long day out, I like to wipe my face with the toner which is mild and refreshing. My face felt very clean after use. I used a small cotton pad to apply the toner and it cleaned my face nicely. After the toner, I used the face oil to maintain that bright, smooth skin.

I really like the face oil and it didn’t make me break out. It’s also non-sticky and light. It doesn’t feel greasy and it makes my face feel soft and hydrated. This is one of the best facial oils that I have used.

I would highly recommend Isa Lazo products. They offer healthy, natural skincare products that made me look and feel beautiful.