J.R. Ewing Bourbon review

IMG_2293-2sTo coincide with the season three première of Dallas last February, Warner Bros teamed up with Southfork Bottling Company to launch a new brand of bourbon inspired by the infamous character J.R.

I was finally able to get a bottle and try it for the first time recently.

What a beauty. The bottle is something that you will certainly prominently display on you liquor shelf, both for the conversation starter that a J.R Ewing bourbon is and for the beauty of the design. It is magnificent. It is a work of art. A wooden stopper, an image of the Ewing Southfork Ranch that can be seen thru the golden liquid; the wow factor is immense.

But enough with the container. What about the content?

The J.R. Ewing Bourbon is a 80 proof 4 years old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. As primarily a Scotch lover, I drank it neat in a Glencairn glass.

The color is pale and the first aroma to reach your nose will be mainly corn, but with some vanilla and maybe a touch of caramel. As it reach you palate, oak will join the dance in a short finish with no burn. Contrary to the iconic character first played by Larry Hagman, J.R is light with no complexity.

With a price tag of around 35$, the J.R. Ewing Bourbon is an affordable liquor. The lightness and lack of burn might be a great gift from a liquor lover to push a Dallas fan friend into the whiskey world.

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