Jimmy Quinn Baseball Game package

In 2015, Feltman’s hotdogs returned in memory of Jimmy Quinn, who died during the 9/11 attacks. His brothers had the original family recipe and brought it back for all of us to enjoy. The Quinn brothers have a special fundraiser each year to honor Jimmy Quinn to help people impacted by 9/11.

Jimmy Quinn was a huge Mets fan, so the package includes a 9/11 Jimmy Quinn Mets shirt, One package of each of their hotdogs with Martin’s potato rolls, and their excellent deli-style hot dog mustard. 

Feltman’s hot dogs have been my family. They use high-quality ingredients; they are perfect seasons and have low fats and nitrates. Whenever we have had friends and family over this past summer to grill they’ve all comments on how amazing they are and end of purchasing them themselves. My kid doesn’t eat any other hot dogs but they’ll eat Feltmans. You’re buying something you want to buy anyway but here the funds are helping 9/11 victims. 

Feltman’s encourages you to put on the t-shirt, grill hot dogs, and watch the Mets game on 9/11 to who your support. 100% of the proceeds go to Tuesdays Children, which supports children and families of 9/11 victims. What’s better than giving to people in need and getting great hot dogs?