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A love story of a biochemist and a botanist brought us one of the most superior skin products I have ever had the pleasure of trying.  Since 1985, Jurlique brings us a line of skin care that is truly natural and pure.  They follow a strict organic business plan; all products are free of synthetic chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides.  Their collections focus on your every skin needs: moisture, “redness be gone”, sun care, brightness, age-defying and nutrition.

My job this week was super tough (LOL); I was treated to some of these spectacular products.  From the Age-Defying line, the “Purely age-Defying Nourishing Cleansing Oil” is truly soothing to my dehydrated skin.  They combine three extracts to bring radiance and protection.  A 5 oil combination moisturizes and calms your skin (super rich in Vitamin E!).  Plant extracts like “Bisabolol” are responsible for even skin tone and reducing redness.  Use twice daily and add to your nightly ritual.  Other age-defying products include eye cream, facial serum, face oil, ultra firm and lift cream and wrinkle softening cream.  Both this cleansing oil and the eye cream are new staples in my routine.  Items in this line range in price from $38-80.

To keep oily skin under control, please try out Jurlique’s “Clarifying Deep Cleansing Gel”.  This product is super refreshing and leaves your skin silky and shine free.  8 different extracts are responsible for soothing, rebalancing and clarifying your skin. Jojoba and Willow Bark gently exfoliate while 5 additional extracts calm and cool.  This gel is really packed with nutrients!  Just make a light lather with water and massage on the face and neck.  Use morning and night and along with their exfoliating cream, purifying mask and care lotion.  This miracle gel retails for $28.00.

Now lets talk the first signs of aging (even though we do NOT want to!).  I tried out their “Herbal Recovery Advanced Serum” to help with my every growing fine lines and the start of a wrinkle problem.  This serum is AMAZING!  15 Bio-Intrinsic extracts are responsible; they revitalize, soften, rejuvenate, are quite literally “cure-all”.  The serum is super soft and creamy; it absorbs into your skin and leaves nothing behind.  Use each morning under your normal moisturizer for great results!  The Advanced Serum retails for $56.00. I can never be without it again.  Also in this fabulous age preventative line is their “Antioxidant Cleansing Mousse”, lightly whipped in texture and perfect for the morning and night face routine.  It overall hydrates, reduces redness and aids in overall skin wellness.  For $34.00 how can you go wrong?? This line was truly made for me.  I am happy to say I will be trying their antioxidant gel mask and eye serum this weekend!

Now summer is coming and coming fast!  If you are like me, you worry about sun exposure and burning.  I will worry no more with my new “Sun Specialist High Protection Cream”.  This sun lotion is SPF 40 and is a combination of UVA and UVB ingredients along with Superberry Complex, a newly used fruit extract used to protect your skin from outside irritants.  It is rich in antioxidants and carries shea butter and seed oils to moisturize your skin as its exposed to the warmer elements.  All you have to do is apply 20 minutes before hitting the beach and then every two hours.  It smells delicious and retails for $38.00.  I actually need to pick up Jurlique’s “After Sun Moisturizer” as well!

Please visit jurlique.com.  There are soooooooo many more products to enjoy and choose from.  I am a true fan for life!


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