Juvenescence Metabolic Switch

Keto…we all hear about it; but who really understands it.  I’ll be honest I have friends who follow the keto diet and it really doesn’t make sense to me that they are “dieting” yet eat bacon.  Now I took the time to understand it through Juvenescence’s Metabolic Switch and thankfully I am hopping on board.  Metabolic Switch actually is changing my life.  If you keep your body’s metabolism fueled and strong, your ketones will function properly over time and you will burn fat the right way.  Each serving of C6 Ketone Di-ester bottle raises the ketone levels in your blood and keeps you in a state of “Ketosis” for hours.  This means you are balancing a healthy metabolism, supports healthy blood sugar, boosts your energy, keeps you mentally sound, supports your immunity and protects your muscles.  To me; that is magic.

Recommended dose of Metabolic Switch is one bottle daily.  The goal is to burn ketones, not sugar and you want to keep that concept active in your body each day.  I prefer to take it with food in the morning but you can do whatever works for you.  It definitely takes time to get used to how it tastes, but it is completely worth it.  Make sure you eat carefully while consuming this awesome product so your stomach doesn’t experience discomfort.  Ladies and Gents; this is totally worth the journey to get your body on track as it should be.

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