Keeping Healthy During Covid

Keeping healthy in Covid is a fun challenge. One of the things I’m trying to do is increase my vitamins and increase my liquids to not put on some quarantine pounds. Switching one meal a day to lunch really can make a big difference and certainly vitamins are a smart idea. Here’s a few options that I came up with.

  Garden of Life

You’ll see we covered two sets of their products. This is for the Moms and Dads. I’m trying to keep my weight down throughout Covid and and I love these options to at least switch a lunch out. For example, the protein bars can be a great breakfast on the go and the shakes can make a quick liquid lunch. Then for dinner you can eat something a bit more vigorous.








Garden of Life Kids Selection
The kid’s vitamins are all gummies as shown in the photo. The options that I loved were the probiotics, especially going through Covid. I’ve been adding these to their regiment to try to boost their immunity and help them get through the season.










I love the fact of shakes for kids. Kids really love the idea of a shake and now you can switch it up and put in some healthy ingredients to keep it through it. I just made my kids this great strawberry smoothie and snuck in the Berri Macro Reds. So basically I got my kids to have vegetables and they didn’t catch on.








I’m quite addicted to the idea of a shake as a meal replacement. What makes this stuff unique is that these meals are exceptionally well rounded and have a full meal taste to them. They also have bars and pre-done shakes but my favorite by far was the shake packages.