Kellogg’s Releases New Flavor of Club Crisps

I’ve never heard of Club Crisps before but it turns out the Kellogg’s has had two of the flavors for a while. They previously had sea salt and ranch flavors and now this month is a limited edition sweet and salty.

This coincides with the 90th anniversary of Club Crackers and they are out for a limited time only.

Never having had these before I found them to be exceptionally light and sort of just crunch when you lightly push your tongue against them. These are the thinnest crackers I’ve ever seen.

These are not for spreading things on type of crackers but for replacing a much less healthy version of a potato chip type of cracker.

Now I’m kind of upset I’ve never tried the sea salt and ranch flavors but I’m very curious now. I wonder if they would ever make a spicy version of these? Maybe a flaming hot conversion version or even may be some form of other exotic flavor. 

These are so light and airy but they have a deceptive quality to it. You can easily eat a few of these before you realize that you’ve gone through the entire bag.

Have you ever heard of club crisps before? Did you know these existed or am I missing something?

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