King Charles the III Bobblehead Released

king charles bobblehead
king charles bobblehead

Move over Queen Elizabeth, there’s a new monarch in town, and he’s already been bobble-headed. That’s right, folks, King Charles the third now has his very own bobblehead, just in time for his coronation on Saturday. While King Charles may not be as beloved as his predecessor, who doesn’t love a good bobblehead?

But the real question here is, who are these bobblehead fans anyway? Are they a real thing or just a myth? It turns out, bobblehead fandom is alive and well, and there’s even a National Bobblehead Hall of Fame Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. That’s right, you heard me correctly, a whole museum dedicated to those springy-headed figurines. And apparently, it’s quite the attraction, with a 4.6 rating on Google Maps. Who knew?

Now, let’s talk about the inspiration behind the King Charles bobblehead. What caused someone to look at the future king and say, “You know what this guy needs? A bobblehead.” Was it a stroke of genius, or just a weird coincidence? According to Phil Sklar, co-founder and CEO of the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum, the decision to create a King Charles bobblehead was a no-brainer.

“We are excited to release the first bobblehead of King Charles III as the world gets ready to watch his Coronation,” Sklar said. “We think this bobblehead will be a must-have for fans of the Royal Family who continue to add to their bobblehead collection!”

Ah, yes, the bobblehead collectors. You might think that sounds like a small, niche group, but you’d be surprised. People collect all sorts of things, from stamps to beanie babies to vintage lunchboxes. So why not bobbleheads? They’re fun, quirky, and often feature your favorite characters from pop culture. And let’s be real, who doesn’t want a tiny, wobbling version of their favorite celebrity or politician?


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