Korsa Shorts Make Me Run Like a Bullet and Write Like a Poet

New socks on my feet, new shorts on my thighs, I take to the road with a sparkle in my eyes.
The sun is shining, the air is crisp and clean, And I’m filled with joy, with hope, with a brand new dream.
My feet are snug, my toes feel just right, No more slipping or sliding, no more blisters in sight.
My socks hug my feet like a soft, cozy glove, As I run and run and run, with all my love.
And the shorts, oh, the shorts, so light and free, No more heavy fabric weighing down on me.
My legs can move, can breathe, can dance and play, As I run with new shorts, on this brand new day.
My stride feels long, my step feels strong, As I move through the world, with a joyful song.
I feel unstoppable, invincible, so alive, As I run and run and run, and thrive.
So let the old socks go, let the old shorts retire, Embrace the new, and run with new attire.
For the joy of running is a gift to us all, A chance to break free, to rise up and stand tall.

So yeah. I hit the road this morning wearing my new no show socks and Korsa shorts from RoadRunner Sports. Feeling confident after two months of fundamental endurance training, I indulged myself and ran at my threshold. Without even really trying, I achieved two PBs – one for my 5km time and another for a 1km segment. Yes, I use kilometers. I’m Canadian. I’m sorry.

image of Korsa running shorts and no show socks

It was my first time trying Korsa gear, and I really enjoyed the experience. The socks were ultra-thin and fit like a glove. The shorts were loose with pockets on each side – a must-have for me. For some unknown reason, my nose always runs when I run, and that’s where I put my tissues. Strangely, several running shorts don’t have pockets. In addition to these two traditional side pockets, I particularly liked the back pocket just above the buttocks that closed with a zipper – perfect for hiding keys or identification cards.

Shall we go for a run tomorrow?