Kuru Footwear – Why Aren’t Shoes Focused on Foot Health?

Kuru FootwearKURU takes footwear and brings it into a completely different direction.  This is going to sound like a radical idea, but maybe footwear should serve a purpose.  Not simply to cover ones feet but to actually help you… well this is going to sound insane. But help you walk. I know? Radical right?

Instead we have a world where we make shoes that are based on looks, collectability and how much they’ll sell for on eBay.

KURU makes shoes to address footwear being comfortable.  If you look at their site, they divide it by the type of foot pain you might be suffering.

Now these are man’s shoes, but I can tell you as a woman that occasionally I find the idea of wearing 6 inch stilettos as not exactly serving the purpose of shoes. Why do we have a society where shoes are not actually designed for their function of walking and moving easier?

The hubbie reports these sneakers as quite comfortable but now our dinner conversation has evolved into: Why? Why should this be a radical idea?  Why do we not consider foot pain in the purchasing of footwear?


KURU Footwear makes that the priority higher than anything else. It’s right there in the feel of the shoe as well as their marketing and sale.

Check out: www.kurufootwear.com