Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts

Shopping for your wife is hard and sometimes I just want a go-to option.   Every year we do various guides and we even did a Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. Life is hard enough so here are some gifts that I would recommend for those still looking for a Mother’s Day gift for their wife.


mothers day last minute 2

How to Heal has some great mental health shirts and I just love this for any new mom.  I mean, I have scars from quite a few traumas in my life and I think no mom realizes the joy and pain of childbirth without a few scars. If you’re married to a new mom they should wear their scars proudly.


mothers day last minute 3

I never drink enough water and Takeya has a collection of bottles to help you drink a bit healthier. Maybe this list is all about emotional healing. I especially love their big bottle because I simply never drink enough water. I know that I can get my morning coffee but who would’ve thought you can drink such a massive amount of water like this.




Burga makes high quality cases and iPhone accessories that don’t look like they just got shipped from some overseas manufacturer or a dime store. They are stylish and definitely look like quality materials.  This in particular is there Comfy Sweater case which does look at feel rather comfortable. What’s kinda nice is that you can match it with their Air-pod case (to the right) so you can keep that same stylish look. Now, if I could only find that matching sweater I’ll be the belle of the ball!