Latest Home Office Gadgets


WriteyBoard whiteboard decals. Inexpensive, mobile, and versatile, WriteyBoard is perfect for transforming any space into an office space.

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Performance Design Products

PDP’s Rock Candy wireless keyboard is bright and bold. The best part is that it’s completely waterproof. Perfect for your home office and all the potential mishaps you may have!

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New Matter

The New Matter MOD-t is the first consumer 3D printer of its kind. New Matter’s MOD-t 3D printer provides reliable and easy-to-use 3D printing solutions for beginners and enthusiasts alike. Priced at only $399, the MOD-t and New Matter Online Store make up the world’s first simple and easy to use 3D printing system for the home.

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Anonabox is a privacy device that uses VPN services or the Tor network to anonymize Internet traffic and cloak the user’s IP address and physical location. Anonabox deters data collection, bypasses censorship and provides easy access to the Deep Web. It’s an ideal gadget for the home office to maintain online privacy, as well as using during travels.

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Baby Stars – rock2sleep

snu:mee has reinvented the concept of a music box by bringing lullaby versions of famous rock and pop songs to give parents and kids more musical options. snu:mee is a music box, baby monitor, mP3 player – all rolled into one, AND it grows with your child!

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Premier Home & Gifts

The set includes a stapler, letter opener, clip and measuring tape which all store neatly and stylishly in a matching wood case with brass accents.

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  1. The PDP’s Rock Candy wireless keyboard is a brilliant keyboard! It can save both money and headcahes.

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