Lily Trotters Compression Socks – Cute Styles

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image 55415491 2

When I  think of compression socks stylish does not come to mind, however, Lily Trotters has style.   The socks come in adorable designs and vibrant colors such as purple and pink.   In addition, they are comfortable, easy to pull on, fit great, and offer compression (which means they apply pressure to your lower legs, helping to maintain blood flow and reduce discomfort and swelling).

These are my first compression socks and I love them.  They could be worn really well with denim, sneakers, or boots and a skirt.   They come in different sizes (s/m, l, xl, wide calf s/m, wide calf l/xl), so check the size chart on how to measure your calf carefully for the best fit.    The compression socks are great for both men and women and subscriptions are available at reduced pricing.

The socks are great for runners or someone who is on their feet all day long.   They keep your legs warm.  They are soft and durable.   The cushioned bottom is wonderful.   My feet can’t thank me enough.

The socks also:

  • increase circulation
  • have a moisture-wicking finish to keep legs cool and dry
  • have a reinforced flat and seamless toes
  • have a cushioned y-heel construction
  • antimicrobial treatment keeps socks smelling fresh
  • 15-20 mmHg USA quality tested graduated compression

The Lily Trotters can be used for travel, working out, during pregnancy, while sitting or standing, and for overall vein health.

Overall, the Lily Trotters compression socks are not too tight and not too loose and comfortable to wear for hours.