Lipton Releases Hard Iced Tea

lipton hard tea

Whoa, hold up! Lipton has hard tea now? You’re telling me my beloved Lipton iced tea just got a boozy upgrade? Color me intrigued!

Back in the day, Lipton was my go-to iced tea – the one that never let me down. But this ain’t your grandma’s Lipton tea, oh no! This is a whole new level of sweetness. We’re talking about a sweet tea so smooth and delightful, I could chug it down in just four seconds flat. No kidding!

But wait, there’s more! They went ahead and added a splash of alcohol into the mix. Oh, sweet tea at a BBQ just got a whole lot better! Say hello to NEW Lipton Hard Iced Tea, a concoction made with real brewed Lipton tea, natural fruit flavors, and a triple-filtered, premium malt base. It’s like America’s favorite tea had a fabulous makeover and strutted its stuff as a 5% ABV non-carbonated product.

Brewed and licensed by FIFCO USA, this Hard Iced Tea is the real deal. You’ve got four enticing flavors to choose from, each inspired by Lipton tea fan favorites, and trust me, they don’t disappoint. All four are brewed with real Lipton tea, making them an instant hit:

• Lemon: Tart lemon flavor meets smooth Lipton iced tea in this classic 5% ABV flavor. A match made in boozy heaven!

• Peach: Ah, juicy peach goodness! This fruity 5% ABV hard iced tea stands out from the crowd, and it’s like sipping on a summer day.

• Strawberry: Sweet, ripe strawberry flavor combined with a 5% ABV kick and smooth Lipton tea – perfect for those sunshine-ready moments.

• Half and Half: Lipton iced tea takes a delightful twist and meets the just-sweet-enough flavor of lemonade in this refreshing 5% ABV hard iced tea blend. It’s like a dance of flavors in your mouth!

Imagine sitting back, sipping on these divine concoctions, and reminiscing about those all-night study sessions in college. Ah, the memories! But hold on, now there’s an added bonus – the alcohol brings a whole new feeling with it. It’s like a nostalgic throwback combined with a grown-up twist, and I am absolutely here for it!

So, if you’re ready to take a trip down memory lane and add a splash of booze to your favorite tea, look no further than Lipton Hard Iced Tea. Head on over to for more info and prepare yourself for a tasty adventure that’ll have you saying, “Lipton, you’ve outdone yourself!” Cheers!

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