Liquid Palisade

Great new product for us girls that enjoy our mani/pedis!  Check out the fabulous product I am loving over at; this is literally a super cool nail polish barrier.  You can now paint lines, definition, fancy art, french manicure etc without the polish mistakes!  Its sort of like the tape that you put up on your moldings when you paint the walls in your house but it is easier; simply polish on the barrier and you are all set!  I couldn’t believe how easy it was; my daughter is always asking me to do stripe work on her little nails and my “work” is always a pinterest picture gone bad I have to be honest.  This product is called Liquid Palisade: I tried out both the regular and the french manicure (basically a thinner brush) (they also offer a thicker brush option) and the process was 1-2-3.  You polish on the barrier and let it dry and then apply your desired polish.  Be careful to peel off the barrier with a tweezer (much much easier than your finger tips) before the polish dries.  Quick tip: Liquid Palisade will brush on light purple in color and you know its dry and you are ready to move on when it turns darker purple.  You can check out if you need a visual; I did and it was super duper helpful!  This item is perfectly priced from $14-$22 so there is nothing stopping you from scooping it up!

liquid palisade liquid palisade 2


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