Lucas the Spider

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We love exposing our children to all kinds of different stimuli, and getting them interested and curious about that big world out there is one of our most important goals. I have personally never understood the paralyzing fear some people have of spiders.  I thoroughly hope my children will understand that all creatures on this planet are beautiful.

So, when we found the YouTube Channel Lucas the Spider, we were very happy. It features an adorable and curious spider that is very friendly. Together with his buddies, he lives through adventures any preschooler would recognize. Kind and positive social-emotional behavior is modeled to our kids. I feel completely at ease letting my 4-year-old watch Lucas the Spider.

Easter is just around the corner, so we were looking for a nice little gift set to give my son. I was more than thrilled to find out they have a website with a shop! Their products are of a very nice quality. I am sure our son will be happy with them!

From one mother to the next parent, Lucas the Spider will teach your kids some great values and will offer a wonderful perspective on the world.  Lucas is naturally inquisitive. As a spider, he does not always know what everything does, but that doesn’t stop him from trying to figure it out. What we see as mundane, he finds intriguing. His friends are a diverse group of characters who all model good social-emotional behavior.  Lucas the Spider is filled with positive role models.