LuftQi – An Air Cleaner for your Car

The LuftQi is a personal air cleaner being sold via Indiegogo. It markets itself as being the type of air cleaner that you could take with you on a plane and such.


That said, I found the design brilliant for the car. It does include a car adapter, and is really perfectly well designed for the car. Yes, I could easily see the logic in taking it on planes and massage, but I feel like I want to take advantage of the special of buying more than one to put one in each car and one in my permanent laptop bag.


See, I have one laptop bag always on the ready so that whenever I need to jump on a business trip, I have everything I need.


I also like the fact that this has a washable filter which is much easier than simply washing and buying a new felt filter every time.




At 120 bucks, it is certainly not a bad deal, and it’s even cheaper when you’re buying multiple units. But I love the fact that it almost feels like it is perfectly designed for a car and could easily see this being the type of present you buy someone for their brand new car and just leave it there.