Mabel’s Labels

We all need to label a lot: shoes, clothes, water bottles, pens, backpacks …. And good quality labels that stick on for a good while (especially through umpteen washing- and drying-cycles) are hard to find.

No worries with Mabel’s Labels! They offer great sticking labels and seem to have an endless amount of styles. You are sure to find what you need at their store!

They even offer handy packs like the Daycare Label Pack, Sleepaway Camp Label Pack, and Middle School Label Packs. These are awesome! They take out the hassle of finding all the different sizes of labels you need. All types in the pack will have the same name and design. So you or your child will easily recognize their stuff.  And I find that the packs are well thought through, they actually contain what you need. And the design choices offered are selected for the appropriate age group. No teddy bears in the Middle School Pack 😉

The unique aspect of Mabel’s Labels is that they support fundraisers. Have a talk with your school or sports team. They can easily set up a code, give it to all parents in the newsletter, and from then on, 20% from all sales with that code from Mabel’s Labels will go back to your school or sports team.

I personally find the Baby Label Pack or Daycare Label Pack a perfect gift for a family with a little newborn. They will really appreciate and be able to use it. But why not add it as a stocking stuffer or addition to the Easter basket of an older child?