Magical Mixups: Spells and Surprises

Just in time for the Halloween festivities comes the fourth book in a wonderful series by Marnie Edwards Leigh Hodgkinson and of course: You!  They are titled Magical Mix-ups and we got to try out “Spells and Surprises”.  Straight from the town of Mixtopia, adorable characters Princess Sapphire and Emerald the Witch are best friends and on their way to St. Aubergrine’s School.  Along the way you get to be the artist and fill in what they pack, what goes on while aboard the train, decorate their rooms and even create the banquet table.  There will be a Halloween festival and the girls have to get ready for it.  They are studying, taking dance class, learning their spells and how to fly.  Once again, you the “artist” gets to fill in your own customized idea of what is going on.  This is truly innovative and a great way to create your own unique novel.  Help Emerald and Sapphire design the entire festival, costumes and displays.  I thought the pages devoted to recapping the entire storyline was a great way to finish the adventure.

My daughter absolutely LOVED reading along and stopping to illustrate along the way.  She is a great reader with a wonderful imagination and this series is perfect for her.  They are appropriate for Ages 7-10 and all you need is a creative mind and some crayons and/or markers.  The books are available on Amazon:  They are priced at $6.99 so you can scoop up the whole series!

Magical Mixup Halloween

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