Maguire’s Car Care Kit

This is a review of the Maguire’s Car Care kit. It contains 9 full size items. If 15.2 Oz ultimate Quick wax, 16 oz. of perfect clarity glass cleaner, 16 oz. of Gold Class Car Wash, 19 oz. of Hot Shine foam, 16 oz. of heavy duty multi-purpose cleaner 16 oz. of Quick interior detailer, 2 oz. of car air refresher, one car wash sponge, and one microfiber towel. We used this kit to clean our van. Every item in this kit lives up to the to the Maguire name.

Why the multi- purpose spray is my favorite:

The heavy duty multi-purpose spray is the best! It removes all the stuck-on dirt and grime from pollen mold and mildew (we live by a river).  The glass cleaner works really well. No streaks we’re left behind using the microfiber towel. And the glass was crystal clear with no remnants of bugs and dirt left behind!


In the order that we use these products:

The car wash is heavily concentrated and Foams well. A little bit of this wash goes a long way and easily removes the dirt and grime from your vehicle. The sponge is nice and big and covers a lot of surface area in a short amount of time and helps keep the soap suds in high Supply.

The multi-purpose cleaner was use next. It’s heavy duty and gets the really tough spots clean and shiny. We use the heavy-duty cleaner on the roof of our vehicle where the sun bakes on the most grime. The roof of our car is now blindingly white and shiny!

Next we use the glass cleaner to wash all of our windows. Using a microfiber towel with a glass cleaner gave a streak-free shine to all of our windows and removed any remaining baked on bug residue.

We used the Hot Shine foam on our tires to clean and shine them up, making them look brand new. We sprayed the quick wax on the body of the vehicle and bust it with a microfiber towel again bringing a new shine two are sad old vehicle.

Inside the vehicle we use the interior detail cleaner. With the microfiber towel the interior cleaner shined the dashboard and all the other plastic surfaces back to their brand new quality removing all dust and dirt from the surface.

The air freshener is a spiced wood scent that may not be for everybody it smells a bit like off bug spray. If you have a stinky car it is definitely a nice addition because it is an odor eliminator as well as an air freshener and spiced wood is much better than any bad smell that your vehicle may be holding on to.

You will definitely get your money’s worth out of this kit! It has everything you will need except for a wax that you would rub on and buff off. I think the quick wax works just as well and its less work!

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