Marie D’ Argan Skincare


I am down with stopping my skin from aging especially when it basically takes one step in the morning and one in the evening.  Using Marie D’ Argan’s Age-Defense line of products is going to make me look younger than all the other mom’s at school pick up.  The day cream is super light and doesn’t make your skin shiny and oily all day.  Collagen and Elastin are hopefully tightening what needs tightening.  Love the Vitamin E component and the SPF 15 protecting me from the sun as I go about my day.  This is my first step of the day after washing up.  The night cream contains “hyaluronic acid” that helps brighten my skin, “argan oil” to hydrate and amazing “royal jelly” to bring proteins that is actually helping my skin texture.  Argan Oil is a must in my house already for my hair and now I am loving incorporating it into my skin care plan as well.  Also check out their “pearl serum” that will both hydrate your skin and eliminate wrinkles all by smoothing a tiny bit on your face each day.  Such amazing products!  The Age Defense set will cost you around $109 for all three products.  The “pearl serum” costs $119.  All of their products contain Morroccan Argan Oil and your purchase gives a portion back to bettering the lives of the hard-working women who harvest the oil.


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