Meguiar’s Mirror Bright Products

The hubby has a new set of wheels and he is really taking the job of detailing it seriously.  So thrilled to put the wonderful products from Meguiar’s to the test this weekend.  In particular we are using their new line of “Mirror Bright” products which truly go back to the basics and appreciate “old school craftsmanship”.  The detailing spray is a true delight working magic on both the interior and the exterior of the car.  My hubby commented that it was great on the screen and interior dashboard.  He said he hasn’t seen a product yet that was so versatile; this spray works on the interior as well as the exterior.  This is wonderful for the time period in between car washes as well!  For our interior leather we adore the “Leather Lotion” which worked wonders on any dirt and “life” that builds up over time in your car.  This is pure aloe jojoba and cocoa butter working miracles to soften and condition your car’s leather.  Other items in the line include “automobile shampoo”, “polishing wax” and “wheel spray”.  We give both products an enormous thumbs up!  They work wonderfully with the Company’s “Supreme Shine Microfiber Towels”.  These have such great absorbance and are not rough on your exterior.  You really do achieve a “mirror shine”.  For more information please check out  They have such wonderful car care products and honestly it was a fun family day cleaning the cars!



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