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meow wolf

I recently visited the Meow Wolf installation in Denver and it was truly an unforgettable experience. The exhibit is immersive, constantly changing, and full of hidden surprises. The story and the people who work there bring the exhibit to life and make it feel like you’re stepping into a movie. The four dimensions of Numina, Eemia, Ossuary, and C Street are all so different and offer endless opportunities for discovery.

My personal favorite was Eemia, which is full of hidden easter eggs and unique experiences. I would highly recommend getting a Q card, which interacts with various aspects of the exhibit, to enhance your visit. Every detail of the exhibit has a story, from the slime to the MEMs, and it is clear that the creativity and attention to detail of the local artists go unmatched.

One of the standout moments of my visit was meeting Syd the psychic, who has a rat-like personality and hops around the exhibit. She made my time at Meow Wolf even more enjoyable and made me feel comfortable being my weird self. If you ever see her in her red fiery tracksuit, make sure to say hi and ask for a psychic reading.

Overall, I would highly recommend visiting Meow Wolf. It’s an experience like no other. I found myself feeling emotionally connected to the characters and the exhibit as a whole. The freedom to be whoever I wanted and the endless possibilities for exploration made it feel like a never-ending adventure. I spent seven hours there and could have easily stayed for even longer. It’s truly impossible to describe this place, but I would say it’s like Disney World with more emotional depth. Do yourself a favor and experience Meow Wolf for yourself.

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