Micro Cotton Bath Towel Manufactured by Sharadha

image of the Sharadha micro cotton bath towel hanging on towel rack

There is indeed a difference in the towels you use.  After a few washes, they may start to not only feel rough but also start looking old. I want to be able to have a towel that withstands constant use and numerous washes. Also, my towel warmer requires 100% cotton towels only. The Micro Cotton® bath towel worked perfectly. I also want a towel that is soft and maintains its softness wash after wash.

The Micro Cotton® luxury brand bath towel is crafted using the finest quality natural cotton.

The 100%  white cotton towel from the signature collection is a great quality towel. It looks like a hotel-quality towel. As you know, those towels are used and washed regularly and they somehow look new. They somehow get softer after every wash, as does my micro cotton towel.

Micro Cotton® luxurious Bath & Bed products are stocked by some of the most renowned and trusted retailers around the world such as Macy’s, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Saks Fifth Avenue, Target, Dillard’s, Belk, and more.

It’s a great present for a bridal shower or a gift for yourself. You deserve the luxury and softness of a luxury brand.  Micro Cotton® is a luxurious brand that’s been around for years and a brand you can trust.

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